Rep Trial dates August 2022 (updated 31.7.22)

Below are the trials dates for those selected from the March trials.

Please monitor this page as times and venue could be subject to change based on weather conditions.

More information will follow shortly but please just note the dates and times at this stage.

Trial 1

DateTimeAge GroupVenue
Sunday 7th August1.00pm-3.00pmU12Nolans Nets
Sunday 7th August3.00pm-5.00pmU13Nolans Nets
Sunday 7th August12.00pm-2.00pmU14Lionel Watts Nets
Sunday 7th August2.00pm-4.00pmU15Lionel Watts Nets

Trial 2

Saturday 13th August3pm-5pmU17Nolans Nets
Sunday 14th August1.00pm-3.00pmU12Nolans Nets
Sunday 14th August3.00pm-5.00pmU13Nolans Nets
Sunday 14th August12.00pm-2.00pmU14Lionel Watts Nets
Sunday 14th August2.00pm-4.00pmU15Lionel Watts Nets

Trial 3

Sunday 21st August10am-3pmU12Tania Park
Sunday 21st August10am-3pmU13Lionel Watts
Sunday 21st August10am-3pmU14Nolans 1
Sunday 21st August10am-3pmU15TBC
Saturday 20th August1.30pm-4.30pmU17TBC

U11 Boys

Sunday 4th September9am-11amU11Nolans Nets
Sunday 11th September9am-11amU11Nolans Nets
Sunday 18th September10am – 2pmU11TBC (Nolans 1)

U13 Girls

Sunday 4th September12pm – 2pmNolans Nets
Sunday 11th September12pm – 2pmNolans Nets
Sunday 18th September1.30pm-4pmTBC

U15 Girls

Sunday 4th September2.30pm – 4.30pmNolans Nets
Sunday 11th September2.30pm – 4.30pmNolans Nets
Sunday 18th September8.30am – 12.30pmTBC