Round 1 – U11 Div 1 v NWS Hurricanes

28th November 10am North West Sydney Maroons V Manly 

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Rain held off giving us a dry pitch for the first game of the season against North West Sydney Hurricanes. Sean and Ben had the team looking good in the warm up, having fun and looking sharp. Nate went out to greet North West Sydney Hurricanes captain and Umpire Ian Hills for the toss. Hurricanes won the toss and elected to bat. The team was happy with the outcome with the wind and overcast conditions, likely to provide favourable bowling conditions. Outfield was a little damp and likely to make it tough to score runs on. 
Ollie and Owen had a great opening bowling partnership as the team applied the pressure early; restricting the batting team to a run rate of 1 run per over. The pressure resulting in two early wickets from Owen who finished with 3fer. Loved seeing the energy in the field throughout the game with the team walking in consistently and keeping the chatter up on the field. As the Hurricanes looked to push the run rate up we replied with some awesome fielding in particular two great catches from Toby fielding at short cover and Beau throwing down the stumps from cover with a direct hit. 
Archie bowled strongly and accurately, constantly challenging the batsmen to play at every ball.  The team again backed the bowlers up with great fielding and catching seeing take a 5fer, raising the ball to acknowledge the applauding crowd. Hurricanes ending with 52 runs.  
At the break between innings Nate brought the two captains and teams together. Nate made a great speech acknowledging the support of all and the great sportsmanship shown in the game; putting our Manly values on show.  
After some lunch and some throw downs our opening batsmen Beau and Raffa went out to lead the chase. The openers did a great job seeing off the new ball, losing Raffa to a fantastic catch in the slips. Beau and Jake went on with the job hitting some great boundaries and running quickly between the wickets, placing pressure on the Hurricanes. Beau and Jake went on to close the game out bringing our first game to an end, with a strong performance claiming the win. 
Great contributions from all. Thanks to Andrew and Spencer for scoring and Ben and Sean for coaching.