Round 4 – U12/1 v South Eastern

MWJCC U12 Arch Cawsey Shield – Round 4 Match Report

10 am Sunday 12 December

Manly Warringah v South Eastern – Keirle Park 2, Manly

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A temperature of 19 degrees, overcast conditions and a gusting SE wind greeted the two teams for the second to last match of 2021.

Manly entered the match with 2 straight wins and South Eastern was coming off a 76 run loss to North Shore.  South Eastern won the toss and elected to bowl, which was an interesting choice and perhaps Manly’s desired outcome.

Rohit Jayaram and Tobias Overhoff opened up and Rohit got off the mark early in the second over with a confident single. Tobias then too was off the mark with a single. The opening bowlers were looking fast and accurate and Rohit and Tobias kept the strike rotating for the first 6 overs in an arm wrestle battle until Tobias was bowled in the 8th over for 6 runs off 29 balls. A solid opening partnership that saw off the competent opening bowlers and got Manly to the end of the power play.

Harvey Matheson then entered the fray with the score on 1-16 after 8 overs. The arm wrestle continued in the 10th over with just 3 runs scored. At the end of the 10th, Rohit was 10 runs from 18 balls and Harvey 3 runs off 18 balls. No boundaries recorded in the first 10 overs with the score now 1-21.

The tension continued to build in the 11th over with the South East spinner coming in to the attack. Both Rohit and Harvey skyed some balls from the spinner that landed safely and opportunistically scored singles.  Singles continue to flow in the 12th with the slow outfield undermining some great shots from the boys, that would have resulted in 4s on a quicker outfield.

The cautious scoring continued as the boys faced quality bowling and a swirling wind until Rohit was caught behind off the first change fast bowler for 13 off 27 balls. 2-38.  Darcy Horstead then came to the crease and he and Harvey continued to turn over the strike with Harvey starting to lift the run-rate with some well-run 2s. Darcy was then caught for in the 18th over with the score progressed to


Noah Keam then came to the crease and was off the mark immediately with a single to mid-off. Noah then brought up the first boundary of the Many innings with a 4 from an off-drive, followed by 2 runs to the leg side. Manly starting to put some pressure back on to the bowlers and the fielders.

The 23 over was fruitful for Manly with 7 runs scored taking Manly to 3-65. Harvey’s solid innings came to an end in the 24th over, caught at square leg for 26 off 59 balls. Angus Pike then came to the crease with immediate impact sweeping for 4 off his first ball.

Angus and Noah settled in to a promising partnership but the South East bowling attack remained disciplined in line and length, inhibiting the partnership lifting the run-rate apart from the 3rd boundary of the innings coming from an thick edge off Angus’ bat. Soon after Noah leaves a ball which swings back in at the last second to take out his off-stump. Noah gone for 19 off 27 balls with the score on 5 for 90 off 29 overs.

Mitch McCombe arrives at the crease and is immediately off the mark with a deflection down legside for 2 runs.  In the next over Mitch skies a ball to square but the fieldsman drops what seems like a simple catch to give Mitch a second life. 5-98 after 32 overs.

The speed and accuracy of the opening bowlers is starting to fade and Angus dispatches the 2nd ball of the 33rd over for 4, pushing Manly past the ton to 102 for 5 wickets.  In the next over Mitch is caught at mid-on for 4 runs off 18 balls, after providing solid support to Angus in the middle.  Lewis Cruickshank then comes to the crease late in the 34th over with the score on 6 for 104. He is quickly off the mark with a 2.  

Angus then takes a fast paced bouncer that looked to hit his shoulder and helmet but Angus shrugs it off to hit a single off the next ball much to the surprise of the bowler. The bowler then sends down another bouncer that appears to connect with the glove and helmet grill. Angus takes a break to be checked and to have a drink and then bats on courageously with the score at 6 for 110 off 35 overs.

The 36th over marks a turning point as Angus and Lewis push the pressure back on to the fielding team scoring 7 off the 36th over and 8 off the 37th over, scoring singles and twos with sharp running between wickets and forcing some rare misfields from the South Eastern team.  The 38th over sees more runs but and a wicket with Lewis caught at mid-on for 8 off 15 balls. 7 for 135 after 38 overs.

Caden Rosenkowitz then comes to the crease to support Angus closing out the innings with some slick ones and twos in the last 2 overs and a 4 from Angus before the innings closes out with Manly on 7 for 146.  Agnus finished on 44 off 46 balls (SR 95.65).

After 40 overs, with a low scoring and eventful first 20 overs, Manly finishes with a very defendable score given the slow outfield and the high standard of bowling and fielding from South Eastern.

After the lunch break the Manly team took to the field with the sun emerging, temperature rising and the southerly wind gusts lifting. Will Graham opens the bowling with a speedy practice run through and a very loud “practice” appeal….that raised applause from the Manly boys and the crowd and maybe implanted a few butterflies in the batsman.

Will’s first over is quick and accurate with just 2 off the over. Lewis opens from the Northern end in to the wind at a good pace. Will’s second over steps up a notch in speed as does Lewis’ second over, beating the bat multiple times and Will catching an edge through a vacant slip.

After 6 overs, South East is 0 for 12 with Will finishing his first spell of 3 overs with 0 wickets, 1 maiden, 3 runs. Lewis was equally effective from his 3 overs with 0 wickets, 1 maiden, 5 runs. Tight bowling, disciplined fielding…pressure on the batsman from South Eastern.

Louis Corcoran comes on from the Southern end for his first over with the wind at his back, no respite for the South Eastern openers. 0-14 after 7 overs. Manly on their toes in the field.

Declan Webb comes on at the Northern end and the batsman struggle to adjust to his spin and the flight of the ball with several lbw appeals and just 1run from the over…..pressure piling on the batsman, a wicket must be near. 0-15 after 8 overs.

Louis’ second and third overs continue to threaten with several lbw appeals and a fly ball to mid-on that just falls short of the fielder. Declan also bowling with discipline.  The breakthrough comes in the 12th over with Declan getting an edge in to Noah’s safe hands behind the wickets.

Harvey and Mitch now come in to the attack with Harvey’s lightening bolts and Mitch’s spin clearly demonstrating the depth of talent in the Manly bowling ranks.  Mitch’s first over reaps a reward with the batsman dropping a ball short only to have a mix up with his runner and both batsman eye balling each other at the Northern end of the wicket while the ball is safely returned to Noah’s gloves for a run-out. 2-29 after 14 overs.

Harvey and Mitch’s next overs tie up the new batsmen with only 2 runs scored off the next 12 balls.

Harvey is then rewarded with a well-deserved wicket, clean bowling the batsman.  Manly boys energised by the wicket and hungry for the next.

Will then re-enters the fray with his second spell with only 1 run coming from his first over.  Caden comes on at the Northern end for a tight opening over with only 2 runs scored.

At the 20 over drinks break, South Eastern is 3 for 42. At the same point Manly was 3 for 53.

Despite the rising energy and confidence of the Manly team, it is still anyone’s game. The first few overs after drinks are likely to set the tone for the balance of the game.  Will speeds in from the Southern end to clean bowl the batsman with his first ball…another big lift for the spirits of the Manly boys.  Then in the 21st over Angus fields a ball from close to the boundary and bullets the return to Darcy’s safe gloves…run-out. 5-45 after 21 overs.

The match is swinging towards Manly but there are still plenty of overs and batsman to come…do South Eastern have the depth of batsman like Manly to deal with the Manly attack?

Will then clean bowls the next batter in his 6th over for his second wicket and then gets an edge in to Darcy’s gloves for his third wicket finishing with 1 maiden, 3 wickets for 6 runs off 6 overs.

Caden back in to the attack with South East struggling to survive, let alone score or even get bat on ball. Louis returns for his second spell, keen to get a piece of the action. He misses a very sharp caught bowled opportunity and keeps the tail enders jumping.  Declan back in to the attack at the Northern end for the 26th over, getting a wicket in the 28th over, caught by Caden.  Declan succeeds again in this over with the batsman caught at mid-off by the Angus.

Declan then secures the last wicket in the 29th over, caught by Lewis at mid-on.  A bonus point win for Manly.

South East all out for 58 in 29.4 overs.

Manly win by 88 runs.


  • Harvey: 26 of 61 balls                                – Will: 6 overs, 1 maiden, 3 for 6
  • Noah: 19 off 27 balls                                  – Declan: 5.4 overs, 1 maiden, 4 for 10
  • Angus: 44 off 46 balls, not out                  – Harvey: 3 overs, 1 for 5

A thrilling match to watch with flashes of brilliance, courage and resilience from both sides and a steely determination from the Manly boys. Congratulations to both teams and to Andrew for assisting with Umpiring and Greg and Adam for scoring.

Michael Corcoran