Round 4 – U13 Girls v Blacktown

Mollie Dive Shield Round Four … Manly Warringah versus Blacktown … 20/02/2022.

Manly Warringah 4-139 (A Croll 36, A Handley 25 & K Terrey 22*) defeated Blacktown 10-35 (17 overs – K Terrey 2/1, A Handley 2/2 & K Punter 2/14).

Manly Warringah Won by 104 runs.

Manly Warringah lost the toss and were put into bat.

Ahhhhh Hassall Grove, Blacktown area, those were the days. It seems just like yesterday I was rolling the arm over at a ground close to Mittigar Reserve … oh, apologies, this isn’t about me … I digress.

After getting our rep campaign back on track last week against North Shore Maroon the Annabel/le’s where at it once again in starting proceedings although were off to a cautious start due to some very tight bowling early on from the Warrior’s Openers.

From the get-go the support personnel were noting some lessons learnt from today’s game within the first 6 overs of play in the form of a crow call from many of the parents (including the coach) which was “Run the first one hard!!” or the like. I can imagine Graham Kennedy rolling in his grave, although won’t mention his real crow call (one for google for those curious).

Once the opening pair settled in and saw off the bowling openers, a fantastic opening stand of 50 runs was had before the departure of Annabel occurred – and can I dare say that partnership would have made Haydos and Alfie be very proud of (useless trivia, Matt Hayden & Justin Langer Test Opening average was 51.88).

Arabella joins Miss Croll at the crease and the parent’s crow call must of worked as there was runs aplenty and quickly the pressure was showing on the Blacktown bowling attack as sundries increased dramatically. In the 17th over Annabelle fell for a solid innings of 36 runs.

Brilliant cameo from Arabella saw her pick up a swift 25runs off as many balls. Kaya was next to go for a hard-fought knock of 9 runs with Keira (22*) / Sophie (7*) finishing off strongly and undefeated bringing the total score to a very handy 139 runs.

As I dug into my snag sanga at the half-time break, I reflected on how much the parents do with seeing Steve, Dave, Matt, Andre & Simon warming up the girls for their bowling stint; and Emma running back with a piece of frosty red deliciousness with which she called a ‘Slurpee’ to quench the thirst of one of our young future cricketing stars.

Back to the cricket and a great start in the field by the Manly team with a run out i.e., sharp throw from Arabella ended with some flash glove work from Annabelle. Another wicket fell shortly afterwards with a rocket (thankfully wasn’t from Kim Jong-un) but from someone far more dangerous whom goes by the name of Arabella. Wasn’t shortly after she tested another torpedo missile in the waters of Hassall Grove that hit the timber of misery for the Blacktown girls, leaving them now 3 down for not many.

Kaya & Raphy teamed up to dismiss the next batsperson, with a nice grab by Raph. A bit of resistance before the next wicket fell in the same manner as the last, aka, The Kaya / Raphy Connection. Keira picked up the next two making it 7 down for the golden west girls.

Enters Sibilla, and after a close first ball chance, 2nd ball was all that was needed to take her wicket for the day. Eve then was given the pill and again a wicket of the 2nd ball – awesome stuff from the Manly girls.

A quick drink break was taken, and after such, the much-anticipated secret weapon was given the opportunity to delight the crowds and wreak havoc in the form of Joleena Wright who bowled a tight over. And to close the innings a great yorker was produced from the one and only Tait (That Slurpee must have done wonders – me needs to find this mystical phenomenon). Let me not forget Tilly whom if the umpires were giving LBWs today would have snared a couple.

Well done girls and noting some team effort was also achieved come morning from the parents referring to the photo below in particular with many assisting in putting up the shade tent (amongst many other activities that goes

on during the day’s play) naming Min, Teal, Emma, Atika, Laura, Meaghan, Simon, Andre, Steve, Cameille, Matt, Christian & Sarah (apologies in advanced if I missed anyone).

Also, many thanks to Dave, whom was without his partner in crime Alan, handled the coaching gig with absolute precision.

Lastly, shout out to Sam for giving me another opportunity to do the match report which I hope you all enjoyed – see you next week.