U15/1 Round 1 v SEJCA

U15 NSW Youth Championship Weblin Shield, Mike Pawley Oval, 8th October 2023

As we arrived to the ground, we were all excited for the first rep game of the season. It was a nice day for cricket and the boys were pumped. We did our normal stretches and a game of footy before getting into some warm up drills. Lachie then went to do the toss and we won the toss, choosing to bat first. Aidan K and Paddy went out to bat, starting out strong. In the 5th over, Paddy was caught and in came Will. In the same over, Aidan K was then caught down the leg side. In came Lachie, looking to build a partnership. A good partnership started to form with Lachie getting some handy runs all around the ground. Will was then caught at cover in the 14th over. Miles now came in looking to start off strong. Miles started off well with a great shot through cover for four, great shot! He was then bowled in the 16th over and in came Stew. We made it to drinks and were at a score of 4-45, which wasn’t the start we wanted but knew we could start fresh after drinks and build a good partnership. After drinks, Lachie and Stew looked to start off strong. A great partnership was forming and Lachie was looking good, before being caught in the 22nd over. Henry then came in to bat looking to start well with Stew. In the 24th over, Henry was out, LBW. In came Tom, looking to start strong. A great partnership started to form with the strike rotating nicely. Stew started to become more aggressive with some nice boundaries being scored. Our next wicket didn’t fall until the 42nd over, with Tom being give out LBW after scoring 33, great knock Tom! Harry then came out looking to rotate the strike and help Stew keep scoring steadily. Harry then got caught in the 45th over. Oscar came out looking to score positively and help Stew keep strike. Stew was run out by a direct hit in the 48th over for a brilliant knock of 49, well done Stew! We kept scoring when possible before being bowled out for a well made 173, after being in a bad position, Stew and Tom helped steady us and build a great partnership.

We had lunch and started to warm up again for going out to field. Our opening bowlers Tom and Oscar started of very strong with not many loose balls and bowling in a good area. The batsmen were looking to start to score when Tom bowled a great ball that got the outside of the batsmen and flew to Paddy at first slip, great catch Paddy! With the first wicket falling in the 7th over, we looked to keep the pressure on and take another wicket quickly. Another small partnership started to form before Lucas came on to bowl and picked up the next wicket with a good catch by Lachie in the 14th over, well done! The pressure was building and Manly were feeling confident. We kept bowling in the same areas and piling up the dots, before our next wicket came in the 18th over, with a catch by Tom, bowled by Lucas, well bowled! In the next over, Stew bowled a great ball that the batsmen hit back at him, which he caught, great catch Stew and well bowled. The bowlers kept bowling in a good area and we were feeling good. The batsmen started to score a few more runs before Freddie looped one up and the batter charged, missing the ball and being stumped by Will, in the 23rd over, nice ball Freddie! In the very next over, Harry bowled a great ball that bowled the batsmen, great ball Harry! Two balls later, Harry ran in and the batsmen edged the ball to Paddy at first slip, taking a great catch diving to the ball, well bowled Haz and great catch Paddy! Manly were feelin very confident now with the runs being very restricted and wickets were falling quickly. In the 26th over, Harry once again steamed in and bowled a nice ball which the batsmen skied to Aidan K at mid on, who took a nice catch, well done Haz and Aidan K. In the 32nd over, Harry bowled a nice ball which the batsmen hit into the air and landed just in between the bowler and Aidan K at mid on, but Aidan was still aware of what was going on and threw the ball to the stumps running out the batsman with a great direct hit! Great work Aidan K. Manly were feeling good, having South Eastern 9-60 after that run out. Lachie was brought back on to bowl and was bowling well, before the batsmen skied the ball in the air to Aidan K, who took a nice catch, with the last wicket falling in the 33rd over, and South Eastern were bowled out for 63. Manly put in a great effort to bowl and field the way we did to restrict a good team to 63. Well done to the all the boys who all put in a really good effort with the bat and ball to secure a win for the first game of the season, well done lads!

Thank you to Matt for coaching, Diggs for coaching, Carol for managing and the scorers for scoring. Harry is up next to do the match report.

By Will Toohey