Manly U14/1 v Sutherland

Round 6 – Manly vs Sutherland, Tonkin Park

As the boys arrived at the ground, it was an overcast day, but it didn’t matter. We had our usual stretches and runs before getting into a warm up. Lachie then went to do the toss and lost, we were sent into bat. Paddy and Aidan K got off to a good start scoring some good runs before we came off due to a rain delay. After being sent back on, Paddy got out shortly after, bowled, to a good ball. In next was Aidan Boulton. The 2 Aidans were forming a great partnership. They were turning the strike over well and the runs were flowing. Aidan K was looking good until he was caught on 24 off 67. Great innings. Lachie Coy was then sent in and had no trouble keeping the run rate up even though he was new to the crease. The runs were flowing and the partnership was looking good. Aidan Boulton hit 50 and was looking sharp. It took Sutherland 15 overs to get their next wicket in the 44th over of Aidan Boulton on 83 off 133 with 9 fours! Outstanding knock Aidan, well done. Rohan was then sent in who kept the run rate high, having a go at the loose one, but keeping Lachie on strike when he could. Rohan then got out in the 47th over for 3, trying to go for a big shot, doing what’s right for the team. Will was then sent in, batting with Lachie. They kept rotating the strike, running hard and hitting boundaries. Lachie then got out in the 49th over and in sent was our weapon, Miles. It took him no time to hit a boundary which was exactly what we needed. The runs kept piling up, and on the last ball of the innings, Miles hit the shot of the innings, a lofted cover drive for six!

We then had lunch and talked about how the innings went, before having a quick fielding and bowling warm up. The second innings started with Oscar and Tom opening the bowling. Oscar bowled a great few overs, keeping a good line and length, while Tom troubled the batters with his pace. The Sutherland openers were looking good, building a good partnership, until Harry knocked over the opener, top of off in the 11th over, great ball Haz! The new batsmen came out to bat and Sutherland were looking good, scoring runs well. Lucas then came onto bowl and in the 16th over, picked up the second wicket, caught by Lachie at short cover, nice catch! After Lucas had finished his spell, Freddie bowled some probing overs but without any luck. In came number 4. A very strong partnership was formed, with the 2 batters hitting many fours, and lots of runs. It wasn’t until the 33rd over when we got our next wicket, run out, the batters went for a 2 but Rohan was too quick and threw the ball perfectly to Will keeping, who whipped off the bails in time. Sutherland kept pushing the singles, but in the 35th over, their next wicket fell. The batsmen ran a quick single but Aidan K threw a direct hit to run out their key batsmen. Great job Aidan K. A small partnership was built until the 37th over when Harry bowled the batter, Nice ball Haz. 2 overs later, in the 39th, The batsmen got caught, well bowled again by Haz. The next wicket fell in the 40th over, run out. Before the batsmen got reset, Tom bowled a magnificent yorker in the 41st over to knock over the batter. Manly were feeling confident, with Sutherland 9 down, needing 50 runs to win. The Sutherland batters started to hit some runs, with Manly dropping off a bit. Manly couldn’t get a wicket, and the batters were hitting fours all around the ground. The last over came with Sutherland needing 8 runs off 6 balls. The first 2 balls were dots, and on the 3rd ball they hit a 2. Needing 6 to win they hit a single. It went to 5 off 2. They hit another single. It went to 3 to tie, 4 to win. Tom steamed in, bowled in nice and full and the batsmen hit it to Miles on the cover boundary. Miles decided to run in with the ball, allowing the batters to get 2. Manly won by 1 run, but everyone had a heart attack from Miles. Next time throw it! Sutherland fought hard, and it was a great game but Manly came out on top. Well done boys.

Thanks Matt and Diggs for coaching, Nathan and Jason Coy for scoring and Carol for managing. Also, the parents for helping set up and get us there. Next up to write the match report is Paddy.