Manly U14/1 v Hawkesbury

Round 5 – Manly Warringah vs Hawkesbury Match Report

By Harry Campbell

It was a nice warm sunny day as all the boys arrived at Weldon ready for our bacon and egg roll before our home game. Thank you so much for organising these breakfasts for the boys Carol. After our breakfast, we walked over as a team to Frank Gray to have a good inspection of the pitch. After the inspection we were told to put on the spikes and get into the warmup as the boys were psyching at 8.45am. As Lachie won the toss he chose us boys to bat first.

As Paddy and Aidan K got through the first few overs, with Paddy hitting some top 4s, Paddy was then caught behind with an unlucky top edge. Aidan B then comes in at 1/16. As the overs go by the 2 Aidans get us to 1/44 at drinks. As the boys start to push it more, AK gets caught at cover with Lachie coming in to bat. Many overs later, as Aidan and Lachie are pushing it around more, Aidan gets bowled but with a good innings of 34 off 80. Now Chang comes out to the wicket ready to build yet another partnership. Overs later, Lachie gets a 50 for Manly. As the boys start to push those runs more, Changa gets caught. But it was a great innings by Changa, Changa and Lachie got a 70-run partnership. Now Manly are bringing out Miles the weapon ready to knock it around. A few overs later, Miles hits a huge 6 over the bowler’s head. Next bowl is the same again back over the bowler’s head for 6 runs. Overs go by and Miles gets bowled. So Will comes in ready…. As Will and Lachie are pushing these 2s Will is being Superman and diving into his crease for those runs.

As a great bbq lunch came from AC and speeches AND then Freddie’s birthday cupcakes were demolished, the boys were ready to defend 192 to bring the win home.

As Oscar and Freddie opened the bowling and kept their spells clean, Lachie then brought on Tom (Big T) to hopefully get that first wicket. After that over, Lachie then brings Harry on aswell who gets hit for 4 on his second ball but then gets a good comeback and gets the first wicket getting the big hitter out and an easy catch for Lachie. More overs come by and that brings us to drinks. As we get off the field Matt and Digs are motivating us which helped us to talk up more and to put heaps of pressure on the batters. It came to the 20th over and the batters were getting frustrated so they charged up the crease and missed the ball so Gleeso clean bowled him. As the dots kept building up the batters go for a cheeky single but Changa won’t let that happen, he got a direct hit at the bowler’s end to pick up the 3rd wicket for Manly. Then Miles got a wicket caught by Aidan B. Then Oscar picks up a wicket caught by Tom. So then as Hawkesbury start to crumble Miles rips down a yorker and clean bowls him. Then Oscar takes another wicket caught by Changa. And then another one for Oscar caught by Tom. And then Freddie clean bowls him. And that’s another win for Manly!

Big thanks to Matt and Digs for great coaching, Carol for organising, Jason C and Nick for scoring, Andrew for the waters and Kate for the brownies and perfect photos and AC for the bbq lunch.

Next week’s report – Will