Manly Warringah U14/1 vs South Eastern

Manly Warringah vs South Eastern

Match report 30/10/2022

Tom Walker 3/13, Freddie Schneidereit 1/17,

Paddy White 19, Aidan Kurtis 24, Miles Milliner 39 not out, and Tom Walker 23 not out.

By Lucas Gleeson

It was a warm October’s day as the boys arrived at Snape oval, to look up and see the sun shining bright, bringing a smile to their faces, and even skipper Lachy Coy! The 8:30 warm up began and the boys were rearing to go. Unfortunately, Lachy lost the toss and the boys were sent into the field by the South Eastern captain.

A superb first over from Oscar Hansen had the boys excited with a maiden to get the ball rolling, followed up by another good couple of overs by the lads having the game at 0/8 at the 5 over mark. Oscar was creating excellent pressure bowling his routine tight lines, which was followed up by express heat from Tommy Walker, striking the batter on the pads 3-4 times, but each one not out.

The game went at a similar rate for the next 4 overs with neither side getting on top of the game. Harry Campbell then started with Lucas bowling down the other end. A couple of boundaries were hit off each bowler respectively before a bounce back by Haz with some good, economical bowling had the game poised once again. Lachy then bowled a solid over before the drinks break, resulting in a one-run over and leaving the game at 0/45 after 17 overs.

Matt and Digs spoke some motivational words which proved decisive after the drinks, resulting in a third ball wicket from Freddie, with an excellent diving catch from A.K. A well flighted delivery had the batter come down the pitch and miss hitting it to mid-off.

Lachy continued to bowl next to perfect only allowing a mere four runs off his first-5 over spell of the match. This was well backed up by Freddie who continued to bowl well after taking his wicket.

The 26th over rolled around in which Lucas came back to bowl, being heavily supported by the all scary Miles Milliner. The two bowled well in tangent, with the score being at 1/95 at the drinks break.

Oscar, Miles and Thomas bowled the next three overs as a group, and resulting in only 2 runs, and a wicket by Tommy Walker. A good ball but the real star was Miles Milliner (Spider man) with an absolute hanger in the overs to remove the set number three.

7 runs came from the next four overs with yet another Thomas wicket, striking in form batter Shand, on the pads. 2 overs roll by and Tom has his third wicket, removing another South Easterner, with a ball clobbering into their pads. The last seven overs saw 31 runs scored, with 2 wickets to fall in the final over with a good catch from Aidan Kurtis, and a superb run out from Lachy Coy had South Eastern 6/136 by the innings break. These wickets were backed up by some good fielding, and great bowling from Oscar, Miles, Thomas and Lachy who each bowled in the last seven.

Lunch was eaten, speeches had been made and the throw downs complete had Paddy and Aidan Kurtis head out to the middle. Paddy and Aidan worked very hard for the first 16 overs, scoring 28 runs and building a good platform for the boys to launch off.

Unfortunately Paddy was dismissed to a good ball which struck him on the pads, resulting in a clump of wickets. This included Aidan Boulton being caught for 4, Lachy Coy caught and bowled for 3, and Changa lbw. Hence the boys lost 3/26 in a short period of time resulting in a scorecard of 3/54 by the 30th over mark. 13 runs came from the next five before the all-important Will Toohey was dismissed lbw for 8 runs.

The boys still had hope with anchor Aidan Kurtis still out in the middle, and Miles Milliner approaching the crease. 27 runs came from the next 5 overs with Miles making an immediate impact, which was well supported by the calm and collected Aidan Kurtis.

Aidan was dismissed the next over leaving the boys with troubled looks on their faces before Tom and Miles partnered up to try and win Manly the game back.

With 39 still required off the last nine, the boys prayers were answered when Miles 39 not out after 40 balls, and Tom 23 not out after 27 seven, stole the game back to get 41 from 7 giving joy back to the men in blue.

Much appreciation to Matt and Digs for the coaching, Carol for the organising, Jason and Alex for scoring, Andrew for the waters and of course Kate for her superb brownies and excellent photos.

Next week is Harry Campbell.