Round 3 – U12/1 v Inner West Harbour

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Match 3 – Match Report – MWJCA Reps U12 Div 1 against Inner West Harbour Reps U12 Div 1 @ Monash Park on 05DEC21

Summary – Manly won by 119 runs with bonus point

Top Scorers: Noah Keam (70); Rohit Jayaram (56); Angus Pike (28)

Wickets: Harvey Matheson 3 for 15 of 4.4 overs, Declan Webb – 3 for 24 off 6 overs;

Louis Corcoran – 2; Angus Pike and William Graham – 1 each

Catches: Noah Keam: 2; Caden Rosenkowitz: 1

Stumpings: Darcy Horstead – 2

The weather in the week leading up to the Sunday game had been looking promising. After their first win, the Manly boys were pumped and ready to go. Once again the heavens opened up on the morning of the game as the Manly contingent made their way to Gladesville for their away game. Most cars had boys and parents all thinking the same thoughts – “ Why must it rain on a Sunday morning, just before the game?!!” The team arrived at the ground just as the rain seemed to be easing off. The opposition team was already setting up with the umpires watching. Towels were used to dry the pitch and the game was on! The toss went in Manly’s favour and Captain Darcy Horstead chose to bat.

The game started as scheduled at 10 am. Manly’s opening pair, Tobias Overhoff and Rohit Jayaram walked to the middle. The opposition team had steam rolled their opposition the previous week and the boys knew that this was not going to be easy. Rohit faced the first ball. The opening bowler was quick and accurate and was beating Rohit’s bat. After 5 dot balls, he bowled a loose one onto the legs and Rohit flicked it for a boundary.

Tobias faced the other opemer who was a left arm medium pacer. On his second delivery, he managed some late swing that crashed into Tobias’ pads for an LBW leaving Manly at 1 for 4 in the second over. A determined Harvey Matheson strode out and picked up the innings. For the next 9 overs Rohit and Harvey buckled down and gave the Inner West boys a run for their money. They hit anything and everything. Singles, twos and boundaries were coming in and the score was ticking along swiftly at 6 an over with Manly crossing 50 runs before the 10th over. Just as the boys were looking set, Harvey was unlucky to be caught bringing Darcy to the middle with the score 2-61. Building off a solid platform, Darcy got straight into the swing of things and the runs kept coming in for Manly. A couple of cracking boundaries showed the opposition what he was capable off, but again the bowlers pulled Manly back and Darcy was caught in the 13th over with score 3-78.

Out came one of Manly’s big hitters – Noah Keam who began his innings in the only way he can do it – with a boundary! Noah was going strong on one end with the boundaries coming in and Rohit had slowed down in his 40s as Noah had the strike. The runs kept coming in and on the first ball of the 20th over Rohit got his maiden rep 50! The boys were doing really well and a big score looked in the offing but in the 22nd over Rohit, obviously with a bit too much of adrenaline flowing – totally missed that Noah hadn’t heard his call for a second run and found them both on the same side. Rohit was run out and Manly were 4/129. The Inner West bowlers must have been relieved thinking they were moving into the middle and tail of the Manly side

But Manly has a lot of batting still left in the shed. Out walked another of Manly’s big hitters – Angus Pike. With Noah and Angus on the crease, Inner West were being given a lesson in classic shots. They were now getting tired with running all around the ground to stop the boundaries – but in vain.

The boys put on a quick 50 runs in the next 6 overs before Angus was caught. Mitch McCombe was the next batsman in. Not to be left behind, he opened his innings with a boundary too. A few quick runs later and Mitch was was unfortunately caught as well. The score was a healthy 6/199, reflecting the batting unit’s intent to push on. Noah was now joined by Lewis Cruickshank. While Noah kept accelerating, Lewis anchored the innings, taking smart singles and handing the strike to Noah. In the 35th over, Noah was finally caught for 70 runs to the visible relief of the Inner West boys. The score was now 7-212 and the big question was if Manly could reach 250. Lewis was now joined by Caden Rosenkowitz. Lewis and Caden batted sensibly for the last 5 overs putting on more runs to an already formidable total helping Manly finish on target at 7/249. Manly’s batsmen had done a beautiful job of putting on a competitive total. However, the word on the street was that the Inner West team were a better batting side compared with their bowling so Manly’s bowlers would have to demonstrate the same resolve as their batting counterparts.

A quick lunch and a chat with coach Richard and the Manly team were back on the field. Spirits were high and energy levels at a peak. Manly opened their bowling attack with William Graham. Following up on his fifer last week, Will set the bar for the bowling unit. On the very second ball of his first over, he had the opening batsman edge the ball to Manly’s keeper, Noah Keam’s safe hands. Inner West were 1/0. Lewis Cruickshank opened from the other end with a beautiful over conceding only 1 run. The third and fourth overs were both maidens and Manly were off to a good start.

Louis Corcoran and Declan Webb were the first bowling change. Manly were bowling well helped by excellent efforts in the the field, Any shot to the boundary was stopped and returned quickly including an excellent throw from the boundary from Tobias that shattered the stumps. However, the Inner West batsmen had settled in and the runs were starting to come in. They batted with intent and began finding the boundary with the outfield drying up and quickening. This partnership needed to be broken. Then on the first ball of the 11th over, Louis came thundering in and knocked the stumps over on their opening batsman. Inner West were 2 down for 37. That was an important wicket and one of their best batsmen had been removed relatively cheaply.

Harvey Matheson and Mitch McCombe were Manly’s next bowlers. They were bowling beautifully but Inner West’s Gus Cassim was batting well and was standing up to Manly’s menace. Manly would have to remove the batsmen around him. In the 15th over Harvey got a well-deserved break by getting an LBW to remove their Captain and the score was 3-64.

Caden Rosenkowitz and Will Graham were the next change. At 20 overs, Inner West were tracking well at 3/98. They were behind on the run rate, but their batsmen were starting to accelerate. Manly had a quick drinks break and a chat with their coach before heading back. Darcy donned the keeping gloves to give Noah a well-deserved break. Following a couple of tight overs from Will and Caden, Louis and Declan returned to the attack. In his very first over back, Louis struck once again. This time he knocked over the stumps of Inner West’s danger man Cassim who was out on 59. That was the most important wicket for Manly and the victory finally seemed likely. Despite the relief, Manly sportingly recognised and applauded Cassim’s innings which had certainly challenged the bowlers and earned their respect. He left the innings at 4-116

The momentum had discernibly shifted and Declan struck in the very next over with 2 wickets both of which were excellent stumpings by wicket keeper Darcy Horstead. Not satisfied with this, Declan got a third wicket in the 30th over with an excellent catch in the slips by Noah. Inner West were now 7-125 as Declan had prised out the middle order within 9 runs!

Darcy decided to mix things up and threw the ball to Angus. He came to bowl and on the very second ball got a wicket with a catch pouched safely and effortlessly by Caden at point. With the score at 8-128, Harvey was brought back in and proceeded to mop up the last two batsmen bowling one and trapping the other lbw. Inner West were all out in the 33rd over for 130 runs. Manly had their second victory.

It was a game to remember as the team reflected on what went well. Despite three rain delays during Manly’s batting innings, the batsmen remained focused and kept the score ticking at 6 runs an over throughout. An all-round solid batting effort was then followed by an excellent bowling innings and excellent energy in the field. Both teams played the game sportingly and in good spirits. A celebrity sighting of Brad Haddin who stopped to watch some of Manly’s batting made the day even more special. This win moves Manly into 3rd place in the Ladder and will no doubt encourage the boys to continue to perform to the highest level.