U11/2 Trial Matches

12 November 2023 v North Shore “Blue” and “Maroon” (Written by Thomas Graham)

It was a bright and sunny day up at The Plateau. We arrived early for a good warm up and welcomed the first team North Shore Blue for the first of our T22 games. In the first over Hamish started the season off with only a five run over. Their first wicket fell on the 7th over, hit straight to Alex at cover. The Next wicket came, caught and bowled in the 12th over by Atticus. The third wicket was of a free hit where they hit it straight to Thomas who was in the best position for a runout with a direct hit! Alex came in to bowl and bowled the person for the first golden duck of the season. In the 3rd last over Wes was bowling some slow spin and the batter decided to take a stroll out of his crease to got stumped by Hugo. They ended up with 107.

Our batting took a while to get underway, losing one Sam quickly then Toby couldn’t score but Hugo was on a roll. Toby retired and Thomas went in and Hugo went out. But after three balls Thomas got out for 6, hitting straight to a fielder. Atticus was held firm and Virat’s leg was hurting; they both retired. Sam went back in with Alex. Sam steadied the ship and after a while retired and Thomas had another chance with Alex. In the end it wasn’t enough and we lost by only 9 runs.

After a short break we played the North Shore Maroon team. This was also a newly formed team with some tall players. We elected to bat first and started strong. We had a good allround performance with the standouts Hamish on 23 not out and Hugo on 22. We ended our innings with 105.

In the final innings of the day we took to the field. Our bowling was very good with the opening bowlers Atticus and Virat all getting 1 wicket each. The next bowlers Charlie and Hamish both got 2 wickets. Throughout the rest of the innings, the bowling was kept tight and we successfully managed to keep the run rate down. The North Shore Maroon team ended their overs on a total of 102. We won by 3 runs! A great team effort all round and we gained a lot of confidence from the win. We have such a great team and am looking forward to playing a lot of cricket with my new mates.

19th November 2023 v Parramatta (Peace Reserve, Kings Langley) (Written by Max Duffy)

A cracking Aussie summers day in Sydney for our second trial game of cricket.

An early start on the land first granted to Matthew Pearce and his wife Martha, who established extensive farming land here after arriving in Australia as free settlers in 1794 !!

With Justin taking over the reigns today as coach we lost the toss and were sent into bat.

Sam and Jack opened the batting and got us off to a solid start with the first boundary coming in the third over with Parra employing a bowling attack focusing on the legside, despite having a field setting with more players on the off-side !! Both boys retired after 9 overs and the score at 33 runs.

Hugo and Alex enter the fray as Parra bring on a spinner. Hugo takes to the long-handle for a boundary but is then dropped after skying one off the new medium pacer. Unfortunately, Alex is not as lucky and gets caught off an attacking strike over the top at mid-off. Thomas comes into bat and gets stuck into the spinner with 2 runs and a boundary. Swinney hits another boundary but then gets LBW trying to push another legside delivery to fine leg. Wes comes to the crease and cracks a boundary off his second ball faced ! Thomas hits a well timed lofted cover drive matched by Wes displacing an ugly full-toss over mid-wicket for four ! Hamish comes into bat after Wes is caught in gully after a Parra bowling change. Another bowling change sees Thomas caught at cover after another attempted lofted drive. Toby comes into bat at 4 for 73 off 16 overs !!

Hamish and Toby soak up the overs in the middle of the innings, building consistently turning over the scoreboard into the 90’s ! They both retire after 25 overs with the score at 4 for 97 !

Atticus and Charlie take over and add more runs until an unlucky runout takes us to 5 for 105.

Virat and Max continue the batting taking us to 117, and then our retired batsmen get another crack taking our end of innings to 10 for 133 !

Lunch ……. In the luxurious stadium with lounge chairs and flat screen TV to boot!

Play resumes at 1.20pm with Virat and Max ripping in and building pressure with 0/4 off the first 2 overs. An edge through slips and then some confusion amongst the batters after some great fielding at square leg results in a run out ! 1 for 14 off 5 overs.

More pressure and another wicket from a runout after great fielding and a direct hit from Wes !

A new spell with Atticus and Charlie. Charlie gest a wicket with his slower ball, as pre-determined in the car on the trip out west !

After a drinks break, Atticus gets just rewards with a caught and bowled, a result of further pressure from the bowlers and the fielders. 4 for 33 off 12 overs

A change of bowling with Thomas and Hugo. Justin’s wisdom by bringing on the tweakers builds even more pressure and Hugo gets an LBW, given by the opposition umpire ! 5 for 38 off 13 ! Parra in trouble and they are hanging on for the next drinks break !

Thomas then has some fun with the batsmen with many close stumpings.

Toby and Hamish take up the attack and Toby clean bowls the frustrated batsman with some consistent line and length bowling. Hamish joins in the action and gets a wicket with a ‘blink and you miss it’ magic hand from Sam ! Great pressure by Manly !

Wes comes on with a sharp tight over and Alex opens up impressively as well.

Parra continues to feel the pressure and a slash outside off-stump results in a catch to Alex off Wes’s bowling. 8/71 off 26 overs !

Three fielders behind square (?) creates a no ball and a free hit which results in a great stumping from a perfectly timed delivery from Sam and great keeping from Hugo ! 9/75 !

Jack has a crack with the ball and gets a wicket on a free hit ! Not out.

Virat and Max come back into the attack and Virat is unlucky not to get a wicket with tight bowling. Max clean bowls Parra’s last batsman to get the final wicket on his third delivery !

A solid win to Manly and a worthwhile expedition to western Sydney !

We play out the remaining 40 overs after 31 overs played and continue to play solid cricket !

Max gets another wicket with a catch at square leg by Virat !

With 38 overs bowled in the hot sun, I heard one of our players call out, “Cmon boys, we’ve got at least another wicket in us ! “ Bradman, Waugh, Lillee and McGrath would be proud, as would John Jackson more importantly !

Thanks to Justin and Kerrie and all the parents, especially the scorers and umpires !

Best performance of the day;

The opening straight drive from Nick Cavill ( Toby’s Dad ) who returned to Manly before the start of play to retrieve Toby’s long cricket pants before play started !!

(Apologies if I have any names incorrect or missed anything!)

Sunday 26th November Manly v Sutherland at Plateau Park (written by Atticus McFadden)

Manly Team Triumphs in Dominant Cricket Display: Manly U11 Div 2 vs Sutherland.

You won’t believe the absolute banger of a match we had on Sunday 26th November at the U11 Div 2’s home ground, Plateau Park, Collaroy. It was like watching superheroes in action, and our Manly boys totally nailed it under the excellent guidance of Captain Jack.

After a washout of many games across the northern beaches the day before, everyone was excited that the sun was shining and cricket was back. The pitch was still a little bit wet from Saturday’s downpour, and after losing the toss, Manly were sent out to bat.

So, Manly was batting first, and oh boy, did they set the pitch on fire! We put up a whopping 166 runs for the loss of just 9 wickets! It was like a run fest, and everyone was going crazy with excitement. Our batters were on fire, smashing boundaries left and right.

But here’s the twist – we were under the pump early, losing a few key unlucky wickets. It looked like the Sutherland team had a plan, but our boys had other ideas.

Thomas started the show and scored a cool 17 runs before retiring like a boss and coming back in later to add a further 16 to his tally. Then came Wes, who played a blinder and retired after making 27 runs. Charlie C, shadow extraordinaire, joined the party with 17 runs of his own before deciding he had shown enough. Max and Toby were no less – both retired after notching up 14 runs each. I mean, talk about a dream team!

But wait, there’s more! When it was time for Manly to bowl, it was like our bowlers had some kind of superpowers too. Virat was an absolute magician, giving away just 1 run and taking a wicket in his 4 overs. Unbelievable, right?

And then there’s Atticus, who was a dynamo on the field. He bowled 5 overs and took an impressive 3 wickets for just 13 runs. Thomas, our star who retired after his batting heroics, showed he’s a double threat by taking 2 wickets for just 7 runs in his 4 overs.

When we bowled, it was like poetry in motion. With only a couple of wides and no balls – talk about accurate bowling! Max was on fire, taking 1 wicket for just 13 runs. Hamish was a rock, grabbing 1 wicket for no runs off 3 overs. Charlie C finished it off securing 1 wicket for 2 runs off his two overs.

With such tight bowling from the whole team and some catches being taken, there was also some excellent keeping skills on display from Captain Jack and Hugo keeping our visitor’s runs down. The Sutherland team were bowled out for just 73 runs, and Manly emerged victorious! It was a day of triumph for our team, and I can’t wait for the next match. Go Manly!